Posted on: March 8, 2009 9:41 pm
Edited on: March 9, 2009 6:18 pm

Do you Blame A-ROD?

As a Yankee fan, I cannot say I am thrilled with the situation of the team right now, but I am still very excited about this season.  But, as a fan or hater, do you blame A-ROD for having surgery, and not getting this checked out sooner than before?

There are various reports given out that he was having hip problems last year, yet he still played pretty well.  In Spring Training this year, he obviously was having hip problems, but still looked like he was going to perform well.  I know injuries suck, I personally had an ankle injury this year that slowed my basketball season up a little, but I injured it a week before the season started.  This hip injury has been looming since last year, and he was still able to play pretty well. 

The Yankees have spent almost half a billion this off season not to win in the next couple years, but to win now.  If I am C.C. Sabathia or Mark Texiera, I signed up to win a championship this year.  Do I blame Rodriguez for getting injured? No, but the way he handled it is not acceptable.  I don't want him sucking him up and getting hurt, but I can't stand the way he waited for so long to make this public.  Maybe its a cover up to ease his mind with the whole steroids issue, or maybe he truly is hurt.  Either way, let's hope he comes back healthy, and playing well before the New York fans and media eat him apart.


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